Dr. Nicolas Rao(non-registered)
What a beautiful website Srini....I NV you man...great experience! It felt like I was with you and is a really thrilling experience..
I need to do this more often...I can armchair travel with you and enjoy vicariously.
Keep Going!
You are doing just fantastic.
Thamba aka NVRao aka Doc aka etc.
also available at nicolasrao@gmail.com
Shanti Rajan(non-registered)
Mesmerising photos. The surroundings spectacular and silent. My favourites are no 3- the lonely elephant and 11 which is like a painting. I would not like to be there personally, so thanks for shooting these images for us to enjoy! Amazing work Srini.
Compelling images. The wildbeest looking for her mother was a great one..
Really nice!! Enjoyed each one.
Super clicks...
Mohammed Safi(non-registered)
Spectacular composition Srini..
Rags Raghavan(non-registered)

Spectacular images in here. Very inspirational and motivating!

Kent Kaiser(non-registered)

The photo's are stunning - such a wonderful eye you have to capture this beauty, I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

Kent Kaiser
Satsangi NP(non-registered)
Good BW landscapes
Dr.Mythili Rajagopalan(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your pictures. I have decided to view the albums one by one slowly over the next week as seeing a few at a time will let me enjoy them better.
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